Foster Care Volunteering

Volunteers are a vital part of life here at PAWS. They provide undivided attention to the animals, help staff around the office and more. 

PAWS Foster Care Volunteers help care for young, motherless kittens & puppies. Kittens & puppies' immune systems are still developing, which increases their chances of illnesses. Foster care allows young pets to have the attention they need to ensure a better chance to live and thrive. No experience is needed to become a Foster Care Volunteer - we'll give you all the training and support you need!

To apply:

  • Must be a Rutherford County, TN resident (for the Foster Care Program ONLY - you do not have to be a Rutherford County resident to apply for the general "On-site/Outreach Volunteer Program). 
  • Must be 18 years of age or older (applicants will include minor information on their application/form).
  • Complete the online PAWS Foster Volunteer Orientation & submit online application.


Foster Volunteer Orientation


Time & Attention




0-4 Weeks Old

4-6 Weeks Old

6+ Weeks Old

Maddie's Pet Assistant

Vet Care

Medical Emergencies

Fading Kittens & Puppies



Foster Care Application